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released April 28, 2015



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St. X California

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Track Name: Catalyst
i let the phone ring for days
i'll be inside until i feel better
things swirl down into nothingness
before i thought it was all a mess

did i have to open my eyes today?

between black and white
i love you on my own pace
even if i have to wait
i'll give it from this length away
until i lose my sight

did you feel it?
it meant nothing at all
i let it go
moved through the walls
Track Name: Midnight Sun
join me in the showing of the midnight sun
when everything is dead, when everyone's gone
farther and farther we go
the less i feel
the things that happened when i was seventeen

i felt it all crawling under my skin
and their shadows towering over me
going against my bloom
wilting away

i push myself into the big red sea
where my body floats
where my mind is free
no one can hear me here
no one can hear my fear
and i don't have to be the things i don't believe

not where i was
not where i want to be
Track Name: Machu Picchu
in the swimming pool
television, microphone
still can't hear you
submerged in the open sea
with all the scary things between you and me
like the great distance in your bedroom

on a lofty hill
my tired feet
i rest my back on a eucalyptus tree
when the sun comes down,
so do i
just dreaming of the great distance of machu picchu
Track Name: Crooked Bangs
tired, still complaining on the ride back home tonight
that i didn't get enough sun
my mother in the back seat screaming the directions past santa fe
still ringing in my ear
collected memories hanging off the balcony
on the tip of my tongue

but all the things you've said follow me back all the way to my bed
i want to let it lose, i only feel the black and blues

feeling out of place, fitting myself in a new skin
relentless apologies for never making it i'm sure you're sick of
and at the restaurant, their eyes they linger on and on
the teeth--it gnaws it chews, it's paper thin

and it's sickening how
all the things i've done melting under the murderous sun
screaming my name, i don't wanna stay all at home
Track Name: Magnolia Tree (Reprise)
there's this magnolia tree sometimes it calls your name
it says, come on, come over it
come on it says
but you won't listen and you won't even pretend
because you're not a little girl anymore
you're not a little girl whose heart is small

but your heart it beats another rhythm
one that's unfamiliar
and you leave when you can because you love

even if your feet are sunken just between the tides
even if your teeth are breaking in before you lose the fight
and i am drowning in the heaviness of your absence

is this for me?
Track Name: Downside
you'd like me more if i was stupid
telling you you're always right
but i refuse to believe
i'd rather seem uptight

what goes on your head when i leave you
do you recall running around
how many sweaters left in the backseat
never thought i'd want it all back
i wonder what you think about that
never thought i'd want it all

tell me more of what you're feeling
same book since seventh grade
picked up the dried flowers
taking naps in the library

you fell asleep with your tv on
on the clock shines 2:59
how many letters we've sent each other
never though i'd want it all back
i wonder what you think about that